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serrano split pea soup with fried pancetta: splitting the difference

the latest break in programming brought to you by Guerrilla Atelier 

hot dog tatertots: I'm so not above pimping out my awesome friend's cute kid if it gets me lots of hits AND I get to eat little pillows of deliciousness

buttermilk waffles with blueberry compote: It's complicated in my relationship with Facebook

pea and mint crostini: we interrupt this program with news that Spring has sprung! 

BLT salad: presented in all its delicious glory without a side of ennu

turkey sausage patty sliders: love is in a biscuit

homefry potato soup with hashbrown, bacon breadcrumbs, fried egg & sriracha: there's a whole lotta bacon goin' on

curried lentil soup: if I were a landmark I might be called Mt. Dumpatoa

quick pics!: a teaser for upcoming posts

Orangette's eggless banana coconut bread: I'm stealing this recipe in a big, bad kind of way

Texas chili, part III: you can take the girl out of Texas, but you can never put beans or tomatoes in her Texas chili

brown sugar coconut oatmeal chews: I know you are but what am I. Wait, don't answer that

potato kielbasa soup: sometimes you eat the potato, sometimes you look like the potato

curried pumpkin soup: Happy Halloween! or, when good pumpkins go bad

arugula, roasted portabella and aged gouda salad with port vinaigrette: you can lead a lemming to the cliff but you can't make her jump

Sunday Bloody Mary Sunday: road trips and alcohol are awesome diversionary tactics

quick and delicious gazpacho: stop thinking and start jumping

quick pics!: more doorways, plates of food and assorted meshugas

Hugh Acheson's spinach salad with spiced pecans, sliced pear and blue cheese with a shallot-thyme vinaigrette: ode to NY joy

quick pics!: doors of lower manhattan, hood rat stuff & food!

eggs en cocotte: and so my stage begins and I've already got blisters and they aren't even from my awesome crocs

blueberry drop biscuit cobbler and buttermilk ice cream:  Bon Appetit, badass upgrade

quick pics: a cajun feast for Jenni Jihad's birthday

simple bruschetta a la minute: saying something and doing something are totally different things

mission fig and red onion bruschetta with ricotta: who really gives a fig?

grilled avocado and peach arugula salad in a red wine & vanilla vinaigrette: killing you softly with this blog

quick pics from Sunday's farmer's market on Larchmont (and a shout out to my gay boyfriend who is now back in China)

furikake pop!

pasta e fagioli (version 2.0) with garlic confit: one isn't really the loneliest number

chipotle deviled eggs:  the deviled really is in the details

truffletots: it's a truffle, truffle, truffletot world

chicken pot pie soup:  ode to the TV dinner and you can blame it on mom's dumb luck

winter greens and apple salad with hard-boiled egg and pecorino:   soup (and salad) on!

pear with blue cheese and fried pancetta:  “40” isn’t just a crappy song by U2 anymore


pear with blue cheese and fried pancetta:  ballad of a lazy blogger or how I put the lame in lament

wild mushroom with toasted hazelnut gremolata:  I've fallen and I can't get up

heirloom tomato and lemongrass with pea shoots & crab:  If only my McDonald’s habit was as cool as my Member’s Only jacket

italian bubbles:  quit trying to make 'fetch' (I mean franciacorta) happen

vegetable broth:  you’ve gotta start somewhere

Spanish saffron with turkey meatballs:  consider the source

honey almond bee cake:  a boozy baby shower for the bomb of a great friend

soupapolooza! book report:  The Dirty Life and making peace with your Maria Carey meltdown

spring pea and poblano with cumin and mint crème fraîche and fried serrano ham: there’s a whole lot of cumin goin’ on

blog update: now with handy recipe section!

curried cauliflower with lime yogurt and sautéed vegetables:  the accidental vegan (sort of)

s'mores cupcakes: inertia is a real bitch

mini doughnuts and cinnamon ice cream:  sweet treats from the fully-outfitted kitchen of a sour sport

texas chili and chipotle deviled eggs:  it's my 39th birthday and I'll cry if I want to

soupy black beans with masa harina dumplings: soup, the whole soup and nothing but the soup

herbed salad of local greens with aioli and fried eggplant and fingerling potatoes:  LA Loves Alex's Lemonade Stand and I do, too

butternut squash and apple with blue cheese:  Halloween came a little early this year

so far so good:  a year in the life of a soup blog

sweet potato with pancetta rosemary croutons AND roasted yellow pepper/ roasted heirloom tomato with serrano cream:   soup(s)apolooza!

my cup runneth over:   not to be all off-topic, but what is coffee if not your morning soup?

roasted corn, okra & smoked turkey stew with chive biscuits:  when the common denominator in bad semi-blind dates is you (and by you I mean me)

red lentil with aleppo chile and mint butter: eat, pray, ladle

Bon Appetit y'all: I promise to totally shut up about it once it's off the newsstand

cream of red bell pepper: roses are red and so is my face

brandied onion soup with croque monsieur croutons: Vanilli Willie, scorpacciata and making peace with getting burned

pasta e fagioli with homemade pesto:  who says "soup sucks?"

olive oil gelato:  the Baron of the Borgo, Bossy, Beefcake and Bologna... and a club sandwich at the Four Seasons

cabbage and guanciale salad: cucina povera. who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

walking in a lentil wonderland: lunch on the moon (or just the highest settlement in the Apennines)

lunch in the big city: the rainiest day in the history of Florence

cannellini soup: a road to Rome isn't necessarily the road to Rome

I have a dream: that one day this kitchen will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed--that all copper pots are created equal

the long and winding road to meat: two blondes, two and half hours and too much to eat

white corn with poblano cream puree:  LAX CDG BLQ (updating in umbria)

roasted beet, cabrales, dried cherry and toasted walnut arugula salad:  rock out, whatever

red velvet ice cream sandwiches: don’t even pretend you don’t have pool envy

blog from the hiatus: cooling off is for p***ies (piggies, silly!)

happy independence day!: in honor of american stubbornness I hereby let someone else cook today

mussel and fennel bisque: the shellfish strikes back

purée of carrot with toasted almonds:  beets and cabrales and dried cherries... oh my!

aged cheddar and belgian ale: taking the soup of shame after feeling like Pig Pen (or the kid who smelled in first grade) because of the rat in my engine compartment

no pantry left behind:  what Chef Kenobi says you need

chilled zucchini:  the fine line between prosecco and propsycho

aztec tortilla lime soup: a garnish is still a garnish

frijoles a la charra: the one where you’re wearing a tutu in your stress dreams... 

roasted roma tomato with gruyere mini grilled cheese: the Shafer beer of soups or the one to have when you’re having more than one

ragu bolognese: a timeline of the blog-pocolypse

mulligatawny: when to say when